Pablo Martín Caminero

Pablo Martín Caminero. Photo by Noah Saye

Pablo Martín Caminero (Vitoria-Gasteiz 1974), finished his classical double bass studies at the Superior School of Music in Vienna in 1999. After this formative stage, he moved to Madrid where he began his professional career as an interpreter, composer and producer.

The diversity of musical styles in which he moves, has led him to collaborate with artists and projects of various genres such as Ultra High Flamenco, Abe Rábade Trío, Jorge Pardo, Gerardo Núñez, bandArt, Hippocampus, Chano Domínguez, Niño Josele, Rocío Molina, Enrike Solinís, Rosario La Tremendita, and a long list of flamenco, jazz, classical and baroque projects.

At the same time, this versatility encourages him to compose music for film and advertising campaigns since 2006.

He has published 4 albums: Doméstica (BOST, 2005), El Caminero (BOST, 2011), O.F.N.I. (BOST, 2014), Salto al vacío (BOST, 2016), and Bost (BOST, 2020).

In a quintet format the double bass player develops a repertoire of his own songs where he captures his musical vision based on two intimately linked pillars: jazz and flamenco.

He has given life to the show Double Bach with the choreographer Antonio Ruz, in which he plays 2 suites by J.S.Bach in pizzicato, accompanied by the contemporary dancer Melania Olcina. Double Bach premiered at the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro in 2016. Also with Antonio Ruz he has collaborated as a composer in the production of the National Ballet of Spain Electra.

2018 is the launch of the Flamenco Standards project, from which they publish Volume 1 and to which other volumes will follow. In the formation of a quartet, along with Rycardo Moreno (guitar), Enrique Rodríguez Enriquito (trumpet) and Marc Miralta (drums), the band develops a repertoire of themes by flamenco authors treated as standards on which they improvise.

In our days he continues with the intense musical activity through his band, as well as with the concerts of Flamenco Standards, Fellini Quartet, Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble, Abe Rábade Trío, Jorge Pardo & Hippocampus, Bolita Trío, Miryam Latrece Quartet