El Caminero


Gradually I began to feel the need to play my songs in live. So I embarked on the project of making my repertoire for the band, and since the philosophy was playing live I decided to record it all on video, so I started to learn the necessary processes to make good videos. I assembled a team of people with whom I lived one of the hardest and most satisfying experiences of my life.


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  1. El Caminero
  2. El 13 de la suerte
  3. Bulería doméstica
  4. Emunah
  5. El republicanon
  6. Alter ego
  7. Fantasía erótica
  8. Colina

El Caminero

Pablo Martín Caminero, bass
Perico Sambeat, soprano and alto sax, flute
Toni Belenguer, trombone
Abe Rábade, piano
Borja Barrueta, drums
Featuring Alfonso Losa, flamenco dancer