“Al Toque” – Caminero Trio


© Simone Fratini
© Simone Fratini

Caminero publishes “Al Toque” in trio format and with a repertoire of classic flamenco guitar themes. Manolo Sanlucar, Moraito Chico, Vicente Amigo, Sabicas, Rafael Riqueni, Paco de lucía, José Manuel Cañizares and Gerardo Nuñez are the composers of the themes that the trio tackles in this new repertoire. Unlike standard songs that usually have a theme on which musicians improvise, flamenco guitar compositions usually have one or more main themes and falsetas, which are musical variations in which the guitarist shows off his technique and imagination. In this sense, flamenco composition is closer to classical composition than jazz, but always maintains the freshness of improvisation.
After an arduous work of transcription and arrangement Caminero has adapted this repertoire for this original trio in which the pulse of flamenco is always present with Paquito González on percussion, and themes, falsetas and improvisations follow one another by the hand of the experienced jazz pianist Moisés Sánchez. Caminero makes the most of the possibilities of his double bass and takes a new step in combining flamenco and jazz with this ambitious project.

Caminero Trio

Pablo Martín Caminero, bass
Paquito González, percussion
Moisés P. Sánchez, piano

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