Fellini Quartet

Jazz and film music

Fellini Quartet arises on the initiative of four of the most active musicians of the Spanish musical scene with the intention of creating a repertoire based on the compositions by Nino Rota for Federico Fellini’s films. All four musicians are skilled improvisers and they have arranged this beautiful music not just to enjoy its melodies and harmonies but to improvise over them too.

Fellini Quartet was originally commissioned by the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid for the opening of the exposition Federico Fellini. Sueño y diseño which analyzed Fellini’s drawings and dreams. After the experience, they decided to establish the project in their careers.

The concert can be enriched with images of Fellini’s films if the venue is prepared for projection, and make a very special event dedicated to the artistic vision of this two great Italian artists: Federico Fellini and Nino Rota.

Fellini Quartet

Andreas Prittwitz, clarinet, sax and flute
Claudio Constatini, bandoneon
Pablo M. Caminero, double bass
Federico Lechner, piano

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