Upcoming new album


Next November, I’m going to record my fifth album. BOST in the Basque language means five. I like the sound of the word, and it will be my fifth album, recorded with my quintet, and the tune BOST is written in 5/8, the winds start playing in fifths... you know, concept.

I continue exploring into jazz flamenco, there is still a vast, unexplored terrain in the relations between jazz and flamenco, especially​ with the double bass. Using flamenco guitar techniques with the double bass or imitating the flamenco singers with the bow is quite a task, but it’s so much fun.

As I write these lines I have ready approximately half of the music. As Duke used to say: “I don't need time, I need a deadline.” That is a great quote. I actually have a deadline, November 7th. I will be lucky enough to play four days in a row at Café Central (Madrid) just before the recording in Camaleón Music Studio with the master engineer and drummer Shayan Fathi.

I have already booked some festivals like Arnedo Jazz Festival, MiraJazz, Auditorio Nacional Madrid and NDR in Hamburg. New adventures are definitely coming.