A parachute jump with some friends led the first cell of this musical project. Always with the philosophy of live recording with the quintet, I needed to add other elements to the production like percussion, acoustic guitars, keyboards … to play more with the album production.


The desires to develop a repertoire for jazz band with ideas flamenco continued. Objeto Flamenco No Identificado follows in the footsteps of El Caminero and tries to better synthesize my ideas about the relation between jazz and flamenco.


Gradually I began to feel the need to play my songs in live. So I embarked on the project of making my repertoire for the band, and since the philosophy was playing live I decided to record it all on video, so I started to learn the necessary processes to make good videos. I assembled a team of people with whom I lived one of the hardest and most satisfying experiences of my life.


Doméstica was a global project in which I considered to learn the whole process of recording a production, from the musical ideas to the publication. I had accumulated many ideas and that meant a creative explosion in which each process (composition, recording, mixing and publication) I lived very intensely. To publish the álbum, I created the seal BOST Espacio Creativo.