Piano y composition: Abe Rábade
Double bass: Pablo Martín Caminero
Drums: Bruno Pedroso


Pablo is a member of the trio of the extraordinary Galician pianist since 2009 and they have recorded 5 albums together.




The main characteristics of the group created by Enrike Solinís, those that make it recognizable, are his freshness and closeness in the interpretation, which offer an important space for the improvisation and recreation of music from very different times, from a clearly personal point of view . Thanks to this Euskal Barrokensemble has won international criticism, as well as a large and heterogeneous audience, which makes their live performance have life and meaning.




Voice, electric bass, guitar and synthesizers: Rosario La Tremendita
Electric bass, double bass and loops: Pablo Martín Caminero
Percussion and electronics: Pablo Martin Jones


As a producer, one of the concerns of this author is the sound, and in this sense, La Tremendita has also deepened the construction of new sound environments in which to locate the different emotions that underlie flamenco expression. Emotions that Rosario moves not only to her voice, but also to her guitar and electric bass. In the next step, La Tremendita proposes a new investigation, this time based on three concepts: direct, a different contextualization of traditional cantes and their facet as instrumentalist. Delirium Tremens is a living, unique and unprecedented project in the history of flamenco.