New musical project 2017/2018

Now booking. Fall 2017/2018.

Quintet (sax or trumpet, trombone, piano, drums and double bass). Jazz/Flamenco.

The relevance of the number 13 in ritual and magical aspects is unquestionable. According to Pythagoras growth and evolution. According to the Egyptians last stage of the cycle of life and death. Lunar month. Master key that will open the doors of knowledge to the seeker of the mystical according to La Cábala. The rebirth for the Tarot.

For Pablo Martín Caminero number 13 is represented as (1-2-345678910-), cyclical subdivisions of a combination of seguiriya and bulería, rhythmic scheme of his personal interpretation of flamenco in a 13-tempo rhythm giving rise to “Las Camineras”.

It could be said that in his curiosity and adventure, Pablo has committed one of the most recent assaults on the sacrosanct territory of flamenco, a subtle rhythmic modification of the purest tradition that makes sense in itself and connects with the more deeply rooted tradition of Jazz , Approaching if possible, plus these two musical worlds already overlapped for decades in our country.

Now and 13 years after the release of his first album, Pablo presents a show in which compositions and ideas from these years of work are condensed. “13 de la suerte”.

The new flamenco music of the XXI Century.

A deep knowledge of the pillars and foundations of this great music, away from canons and clichés.

The result of this is a rich and evolved flamenco in the last 30 years, around figures such as Jorge Pardo, (with whom we actively collaborate since 2011) Father along with other generation partners like Paco de Lucia or Camarón de la Isla, Of the call New Flamenco or Flamenco Jazz, an experiment that now crystallizes in a new generation of musicians, like: Pablo Martin Caminero.

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